5 Unique Gifts for the Holidays Supporting Artisan Women

5 Unique Gifts for the Holidays Supporting Artisan Women

Gift Box Coming Soon

Don't miss the launch of our first gift box coming mid November 2021! Read below learn more about the five unique artisan items inside.


Struggling with gift ideas this year?

The artisan gift box will be launching soon! Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about the drop, only 40 boxes available for our first launch! I've curated something very special for this holiday season. I love giving thoughtful gifts and this is how the idea of an artisan gift box was born. Treat yourself or someone special! The gift box price is $72, but look out for holiday sales. 


Whether you think you're a terrible gift giver or you’re running out of time, I’ve got an idea for you. This carefully curated gift box supports artisan women from Colorado and California while supporting a local Denver non-profit—Art Garage Denver. The box includes five unique items that will make you or your recipient feel like a queen, along with a beautifully wrapped package that will capture your special someone's eye as soon as they receive it. Each box is hand stamped in gold ink on the top with "magic awaits" with an optional gift note. Learn more about the items and artists below!

1. Silk Shibori Dyed Fiesta Scrunchie by ARAE - Rachael Levine of Denver, Colorado 


This is the only customizable item within the gift box. Select from the bold fire color-way or black ombré. Each Silk Fiesta Scrunchie is one-of-a-kind with a unique dye pattern when comparing any two. These two color options match any neutral tones and can be worn on the wrist for an extra accessory or for an added pop to your hair. My personal fave is the fire but have been rockin' both options for a few months now. I've received many compliments on both, so you really can't go wrong with your color choice. Each scrunchie can take about 20 minutes to make but Rachael usually does them in batch orders (my batch was 40 pieces), taking her at least 12 hours! Her process involving dyeing, the sewing process and then sealing with a golden brass ARAE tag. You can learn more about Rachael's story here.

2. Breathe Deep Shower Melt/Bomb by Vital Living, Salida Colorado


 Not everyone has a bath tub or even likes to take them, so why not try a shower bomb? This shower bomb is made with all natural 100% pure certified essential oils and beautifully designed by Vital Living, an apothecary store nestled in the mountain town of Salida, Colorado. This flat bottom shower melt sticks on the floor of the shower and is activated when the water hits. When water hits the bomb it releases the eucalyptus, peppermint, helichrysum, and rosemary oils, of which you will want to breathe in deeply. This is a great way to start your day, or end a long day. Play around with the placement to find the perfect spot.

3. Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea for Stress & Sleep By Vital Living


By the same apothecary store mentioned above, give the gift of relaxation with this certified organic caffeine-free herbal tea—their best seller, Mellow Mountain. With ingredients such as Scullcap*, Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Catnip, Goji Berries, Rooibos Red Tea*, Passionflower*, St. John’s Wort*, Lavender*, & Natural Flavor., this combination not only looks beautiful but will help to calm those nerves and provide a good night's sleep.

4. Suncatcher with Starry Night Design by Jessica Weymouth of Long Beach, California 


Add a touch of rainbows to any room with this awesome re-stickable suncatcher sticker designed by Jess Weymouth of California! I've enjoyed seeing out the suncatcher in my apartment throughout the day and have stuck them in a few places around my sliding glass door adding a pop of color to my living room. See the suncatcher in action and learn more about Jess here

5. Moon Stud Earrings - Make it Wurth it Signature Item 


Last but not least, Make it Wurth it (MIWI)’s first signature item, our gold-plated stainless steel moon studs, are included in the box! These are a simplistic design that can match with any outfit, casual or dressy. I can't wait to see you all rock these with other pieces of jewelry from your collection! The MIWI brand and logo was based off the waxing crescent moon and the symbolism of the first sighting of a new moon, which for me means new beginnings for new intentions. We'll be adding more signature items, but you could be the first to get the launch of our signature line! Our biggest question: should we eventually add these as a signature item on our site to for standalone purchase? Let us know on social media at www.instagram.com/makeitwurthit!

Gift Box Sales Support Non-profit Art Garage Denver


With the percentage of sales from the entire store, we'll be making a donation to Art Garage Denver before the end of year 2021! What better way to support artisan business and our local Denver community! I've just finished up my first adult watercolor class, and I've learned so many techniques in three classes alone. When the pandemic hit, playing around with watercolor was one of my escapes from all the chaos and it's grown into a hobby that I want to improve upon. Art Garage is known for their many children art classes, but they have a number of adult classes from ceramics, mix media and more! If you're in the Denver area, I highly encourage you to check out their offerings. 

The Art Garage's mission is to offer arts-based programs that inspire, empower and promote creative self-expression by people of all ages and backgrounds. On-site studio workshops and exhibitions engage the greater Denver community and outreach is provided to those who are under-served, at-risk and for people with disabilities to ensure the artistic process is fully accessible and inclusive for all.


Another Holiday Gift Option: Introducing the LunaXSolar Mini Gold Studs!


I'm so excited to bring these sterling silver gold-plated mini moon babes to the MIWI signature collection! I wanted to be able to provide another gift option alongside the holiday artisan gift box. These earrings are sold separately from the gift box but do come with a velvet blue jewelry box shown in the image below. This will look nicely on your or your loved one’s dresser; it’s also perfect for travel as it fits a few pairs of small earrings and or a ring can fit inside. This piece was selected to represent the MIWI brand in a simple and classy way. The red moon logo was designed to represent new beginnings a.k.a. the waxing crest moon, which is the first sign of a new moon. The moon at this phase is usually very illuminated because of its position with the sun. Get (
or give!) the power of the sun and moon in your hands this holiday season!

*Reminder to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page in the footer to be the first to know about the gift box and LunaXSolar drop! Limited stocks is available  for both pieces. 


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