Thanks for Stopping By!

Make it Wurth it was founded by Kristen Wurth, a fine-arts photographer in training  and marketing guru based in Denver, CO. Shop to find prints, products and soon to be vintage finds by Kristen herself along with other artist's products around the world! 

Why Make it Wurth it?

Because it's fun! If you can brand something out of your own name and carry out your passion at the same time, why not?! Life's about taking those opportunities in life and making it #wurthit. 

Live Purposefully

Goes with our mission to support artists and non-profit causes. Each year we'll  pick a handful of charities to support by donating a percentage of sales. We also want to encourage living your life with purpose and passion. All-in-all, we only live onces, so Make it Wurth it while living life with purpose and passion!

Why That Moon Logo, Baby?

So much thought went into designing the logo to represent the brand and Kristen's passions and personality all in one. The color red represents passion, love and fire. Kristen is a Leo and wanted the colors within the logo to represent her overall fire in life. The elements within the logo, gold lines, font, and stars, give us that fun and retro feel! The most important factor is the waxing crescent moon. This is the first sign of a new moon. The tagline, Live Purposefully also represents new beginnings. Another fun fact, a waxing crescent moon is when the moon faces the sun, giving it that extra glow. We want this brand to resonate with our community and a logo that other's will want to rock!