Welcome to my artisan gift shop and photography site!

You’ll get to learn about my photo adventures and the chance to shop around for these prints on items like totes, shirts, hats, stickers. You'll also find items that pair with limited collections along with other artists work! The percentage of sales from photos/products will go towards the supporting charity or cause at the time noted on the home page. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my photo adventures. 

Photography has always been more of a hobby for me.

It’s taken me a while to figure out how I wanted to share my photos with the world.So here we have Make It Wurth It! “Everything you do, do with purpose and passion!”. Which goes with my digital marketing LLC I run too (you’ll learn about that below). 

I travel a lot, and my move from Baltimore, Maryland to Denver, Colorado has given me a diverse chance to see experience both city and outdoor living. Outside of travel and photography, thrifting and antiques and playing with fashion is all wrapped up in this photo brand too. Retro hippie vibes, to the natural bohemian look is usually what I’m rockin’ besides lounge or street wear at home.

Fashion is a form of expression and I love an opportunity for a fun outfit.

Dream goals is to set up a studio area at my place for photoshoots and a space for creativity. Professionally, I’m a digital marketer for an electricity provider and Founder of Purpose On Social, a social media and digital marketing company that focuses on brands with purpose, like giving back, or eco-friendly vibes. I was drawn to social media because of its influence and storytelling with creative content. I enjoy bringing photography, video, and writing together for branding and campaigns.