Artisan Self Care Gift Box

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Magic awaits inside this Artisan Gift Box:


Treat yourself or someone special this Valentine's Day with these curated items from artisan women from Colorado & California. I've personally hand-picked and partnered with these amazing women for a magical holiday experience!

Our limited-edition high vibe holiday gift box is packed with artisan self-care products, magical treats and herbal goodies to help you relax, rejuvenate and restore yourself. It’s like giving yourself the greatest Christmas present ever! 


 This carefully curated gift box supports artisan women while supporting a local Denver non-profit—Art Garage Denver. The box includes five unique items that will make you or your recipient feel like a queen, along with a beautifully wrapped package that will capture your special someone's eye as soon as they receive it. Each box is hand stamped in gold ink on the top with "magic awaits" with an optional gift note. **Please add gift note in checkout details. 


Hurry before they're gone- limited collection of 40 boxes, 20 of each color selection. You really can't go wrong with either pick. Your purchase includes shipping or local drop off. Orders made before Nov 30th, will be mailed no later than Dec 6th or sooner. Gift boxes are being mailed USPS priority mail in a padded envelope. Expect 3-6 business days for arrival. We encourage ordering as soon as possible avoiding any USPS holiday shipping delays. 


What's Inside:

  1. Silk Fiesta Scrunchie: please elect your color choice of Fire or Black Ombre 
  2. Mountain Suncatcher 
  3. Herbal Caffeine tea
  4. Shower melt/bomb 
  5. Gold Moon Studs

Read more details about each item below:

1. Silk Shibori Dyed Fiesta Scrunchie by ARAE: This is the only customizable item within the gift box. Select from the bold fire color-way or black ombré. Each Fiesta Scrunchie is one-of-a-kind with a unique dye pattern when comparing any two. These two color options match any neutral tones and can be worn on the wrist for an extra accessory or for an added pop to your hair.

2. Suncatcher with Starry Night Design by Jessica Weymouth: Add a touch of rainbows to any room with this awesome re-stickable suncatcher sticker designed by Jess Weymouth of California! I've enjoyed seeing out the suncatcher in my apartment throughout the day and have stuck them in a few places around my sliding glass door adding a pop of color to my living room. 

3. Mountain Mellow Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea by Vital Living: give the gift of relaxation with this certified organic herbal tea from Vital Living, an apothecary store nestled in the mountain town of Salida, Colorado —their best seller, Mellow Mountain. With ingredients such as Scullcap*, Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Catnip, Goji Berries, Rooibos Red Tea*, Passionflower*, St. John’s Wort*, Lavender*, & Natural Flavor. This combination not only looks beautiful but will help to calm those nerves and provide a good night's sleep.

4. Breathe Deep Shower Melt/Bomb: Not everyone has a bath tub or even likes to take them, so why not try a shower bomb? This shower bomb is made with all natural 100% pure certified essential oils and beautifully designed by Vital Living mentioned above. This flat bottom shower melt sticks on the floor of the shower and is activated when the water hits. When water hits the bomb it releases the eucalyptus, peppermint, helichrysum, and rosemary oils, of which you will want to breathe in deeply.

5. Gold Moon Studs: last but not least, Make it Wurth it (MIWI)’s first signature item, our gold-plated stainless steel moon studs, are included in the box! These are a simplistic design that can match with any outfit, casual or dressy..